jQuery Beginner tutorials

This post is about a decision I made yesterday to post more jQuery beginner tutorials on the blog.

See a list of all jQuery beginner tutorials on this blog.

There were two reasons for me making this decision:

  1. People are finding this jQuery blog searching for jQuery basics
    Analyzing my Google Analytics account I found that a lot of developers who are landing on this blog through search are jQuery Beginners and looking for basic jQuery method explanations. So publishing more beginner tutorials would benefit them. They would get more relevant information from the new Beginner category posts.
  2. I am being asked more and more jQuery Beginner questions
    I have been quite active on Twitter (@jQueryHowto) and other online discussion boards lately answering and helping developers with their jQuery problems. The jQuery community on twitter is quite active and most of the jQuery problems I came across were jQuery beginners questions. I could not squeeze my ideas or explanations of jQuery basics in 140 characters, so I had to search the web for explanation and post a link to the website.

Message to non beginner readers:

I hope I will not lose intermediate and advanced jQuery developers with this posts. I enjoy your insights and comments on my posts and actually learn a lot more from your feedback. I will try to post no more than one beginner tutorial or insight per my regular post. I hope for your understanding.

List of jQuery Beginner Tutorials and posts:

I actually posted several jQuery Beginner tutorials and method explanations on this blog with backdate. I will try to keep this post updated with the links for my beginner posts so you can bookmark this page or share it with your jQuery beginner colleagues.

See all jQuery beginner tutorials on this blog.
  1. Using $.noConflict()
  2. How to check if checkbox is checked
  3. Identify how many elements were selected
  4. Adding custom functions to jQuery
  5. Identifying & locating mouse position in jQuery
  6. How to load jQuery from Google CDN servers
  7. Setting HTML tag’s attribute in jQuery
  8. Getting HTML tag’s attribute in jQuery
  9. Binding jQuery events to AJAX loaded elements
  10. How to disable and enable an element
  11. Quick tip to solve a problem with setting CSS background image to an element