jQuery Twitter plugin update

A lot of users requested a demo for my jQuery Twitter plugin. It has been a while since I updated the plugin, so I downloaded the latest version and while looking thought the code found couple of bugs. So, here comes updated and fixed jQuery Tweeter plugin - jTwitter 1.1.1.

In this release, I fixed a little bug that would not allow you request Tweets without number of posts like this:

// Defaults to 5 latest posts
$.jTwitter('jQueryHowto', function(posts){
  //Callback function with the user data

You can specify the number of posts you want to be fetched like so:

// Get latest 13 posts
$.jTwitter('jQueryHowto', 13, function(posts){
  //Callback function with the user data

Also, I created a simple demo page for the plugin here. Please visit and see the code and also note that with this plugin you can create a custom Twitter badge with no design limitations!

Update: Pushed the project to GitHub.