jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile is an attempt to create a javascript framework that would work on all major mobile browsers. In this post I will try to lay down all the facts that I could find about jQuery Mobile, so that you are up to date.

jQuery team has mentioned that they were planning and started to work on jQuery for Mobile devices when they announced jQuery 1.4. John Resig said that they already had different mobile devices from sponsor for testing purposes. Anyway, jQuery Mobile is officially announced now, but there is a very little information about it.

Here are some facts that I found:

  1. jQuery Mobile will be in core, NOT as a separate distribution like jquery.mobile.js
  2. jQuery UI team will improve current jQuery UI and develop new mobile components (initial designs).
  3. Release of the jQuery Mobile and new jQuery UI components is planned for October 2010.
  4. As of writing of this post, jQuery Mobile source code is not available. The code will be pushed to the jQuery core’s GitHub repository and announced on the official jQuery mobile page.
  5. You can help jQuery Mobile project by testing jQuery core on your mobile devices at TestSwarm.

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