jQuery AJAX functions (load(), $.get(), etc.) are not loading new page versions problem

Today I would like to share with you a quick solution to the common problem when your AJAX calls to some page that changes over time is not being loaded to your page. In other words, jQuery or your browser is not loading new version of the page.

This problem is common in Mozilla Firefox (FF). Internet Explorer (IE) users I believe, do not experience this problem. Usually it occurs when you use jQuery AJAX functions in javascript setInterval() method. Basically, what happens is that Firefox can not see the changes been made to the page and thinks it’s the same with the old one. So Firefox loads it from cache and you don’t see the new version of your page. To resolve this issue, you should simply add a random string to the request like below.

The solution:

// Reload mypage.html every 5 seconds
var refresh = setInterval(function()
    // Minimized code, suggested by Kovacs
    $('#mydiv').load("mypage.htm?" + 1*new Date() );

}, 5000);