Lock user interface plugin – uiLock

I was asked to create a user interface locker using jQuery. The main idea behind was to lock all user interactions with the website while jQuery AJAX loads block contents and unlock when content is loaded. So I thought I would share the code and released it as a jQuery plugin called uiLock.

The plugin extends jQuery and adds two main functions called $.uiLock(); and $.uiUnlock();

Here is how to use uiLock jQuery plugin:

// To lock user interface

// To unlock user interface

$.uiLock(); takes an HTML text argument that will be placed in the page overlay. You can style the overlaying layer using CSS. You can change font color, background color, etc. To style uiLocker use #uiLockId CSS selector.

For example:

  background-color:red !important;

The plugin demo can be found in the plugin archive. Here is a screenshot of the plugin at work:

uiLock jQuery plugin screenshot

User will not be allowed to interact with the website on the screenshot above. Basically, we are blocking all user actions with an extra layer that uiLock jQuery plugin adds.

Download uiLock jQuery plugin here.